Madroño Skyvillas
A new concept of apartments


  • 3

  • 2

  • 194-220 m2
    Built area

  • 55-152 m2

from 565.000€

The Madroño apartments combine the spaciousness and exclusivity of a villa with the comforts of living in a luxury apartment. Two blocks with only 8 apartments each, manage to elevate the concept of a villa to the heights with one of the most prestigious views in Las Colinas.

Space, warm light, superior design, and jaw-dropping views.


The interiors expand harmoniously to connect with nature. Spaces with friendly and accommodating shapes, covered in soft colors, and native environments that in their connection with the outside fill all rooms with harmony.

The materials have been carefully chosen for their quality and performance. The ceramic wood Starwood , used in one of the flooring, has been positioned as the best brand of the year 2020. An award given by Plus Awards and recognized worldwide.


Meet the arquitect

With offices in Spain, Miami and Dubai and projects from China to the USA, Clavel Arquitectos are specialized in singular projects that are technically viable and also meet with economic, social, environmental and administrative requirements. Clients, neighbors, customers… all are closely linked to the design process from the start and their diversity is considered in the design process and when searching for solutions to the proposed objectives.

​To do so, we have a strong multidisciplinary team made up of architects, engineers, biologists and interior designers, all of whom are indispensable due to the diverse and complex projects they deal with.

​From projects of millions of Euros to small interior design projects, we select our projects not for their size or budget but for the potential they have in creating a better city and happier citizens. Their projects have received more than 80 awards; have appeared in more than 100 national and international publications and have received thousands of references in the media.

​Projects like the Museum Garage in Miami for LMVH group, a building made with golden and silver cars, have become a major touristic attraction and a new icon for the city.

Interior design, Architecture, furniture and materials

Madroño has a strong connection with the idea of ​​the open air, nature … The first thing Clavel Arquitectos did was move the walls slightly with a very subtle movement that really creates the idea of ​​continuous spaces.

The way lighting is connected to architecture, the way lighting takes you from one space to another … we truly believe that everyone who lives in these spaces will be happier. They will feel more comfortable, they will be more connected with nature.