Porque Somium


Certified by 40 years of Marjal experience.

What we do is a reflection of what we believe.
We believe in superior quality and service.
We believe in the importance of details.
We believe in being the best.


1. Quality

  • Quality is one of Somium’s core values. All aspects of our construction quality standards are above-average: extra-high ceilings, uncluttered bathrooms with floor-level showers, special sound and floor insulation, dual-flow ventilation systems, panoramic windows and top-of-the-range aluminum joinery, to mention but a few. These quality standards translate into well-being and comfort for homeowners.

2. Expertise

  • Our expertise and know-how are an essential part of our work after 40 years developing and building houses. By working together from the start of a project, our in-house architects, engineers, landscapers and interior designers combine their knowledge and experience to devise Somium’s projects.

3. Architectural Design

  • Our experienced team of architects and engineers are highly experienced in the luxury end of the market, taking care of every detail, right from the initial blueprint. This multidisciplinary team, together with landscapers, interior designers and our customers’ valuable feedback, are essential to Somium’s home creation process.


4. Landscaping

  • The landscape and garden architecture of our properties are part of the search for integration and harmony of Somium’s projects. Landscape architects design the exterior during the initial phases of the project, to ensure seamless integration of buildings and their environment. Beautiful communal swimming pools and gardens make the difference in our residential complexes and apartment buildings.

5. Interior Design

  • Our interiors are both functional and elegant, just like the exterior of our houses. Built-in furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and custom staircases are designed to reflect the essence of our projects. A team of interior designers advise Somium’s customers to select the best furniture and decor for their new home at our showroom.

6. Innovation

  • As a leading company, innovation is essential to our growth and success. We challenge ourselves with every project, searching for new materials, techniques, technologies and original designs to take us one step ahead. Smart home systems, new materials and original designs are a few examples.


7. Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction is a priority for Somium. Our 5-star rated customer service and committed after-sales staff assist our homeowners in six languages and deliver an impeccable service. Because for us, Customer Service is not a department… it’s a philosophy.


8. Project Management

  • Our technical team coordinates any additional features, installations and home modifications requested by our customers. This comprehensive service allows them to feel at ease throughout the process, leaving them free to enjoy the home they have always dreamt of.


9. Home Handover

  • Handing over a home is one of the most important moments we share with our customers. Somium’s handover team welcomes them into their new homes and helps them to learn about all the technical features of the property, such as the smart home system, underfloor heating, pool and air conditioning. A complete set of property documentation, keys and manuals are also provided. Somium delivers more than a product, we deliver an experience.

10. Locations

  • We select the best locations in the Costa Blanca. Somium properties are conveniently located on exclusive golf resorts and private residential complexes. We find perfect spots to delight our customers, with golf and sea views, privacy and proximity to services and amenities. Premium properties in premium locations.