Somium and Colinas present the interior design of the Madroño apartments by the hand of Manuel Clavel

24 April 2019

Somium and Colinas spent yesterday with Manuel Clavel, CEO of Clavel Arquitectos, working on the interior design of the new Madroño apartments being built at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. This new development, with an avant-garde vertical villa concept and innovative interior design by Somium and Colinas, will be completed in 2020.

Progress was made with the Madroño apartments with the presentation of the interior and architectural design of the different blocks. Renowned Murcia architect Manuel Clavel has been commissioned to design the interiors of these new luxury homes under development in collaboration with Colinas in one of the most sought-after areas of this Costa Blanca complex.

Somium and Colinas wanted to go beyond the projects currently available in the European real estate market. To do this it has collaborated with the international offices of AECOM and Clavel Arquitectos on different aspects of the project. The whole idea is that interior design should not be made to fit a finished space, rather it should be incorporated into the design and be an intrinsic part of the architecture.

“The problem of the sector is that interior design is often neglected. That’s why we’ve created this design through architecture”, explained Clavel yesterday.

The presentation covered aspects of interior design in common areas and homes. Lighting will be crucial throughout the process to set scenes and create a unique atmosphere in these apartments. “It is an original, differential concept”, said Clavel.

Construction of the new Madroño apartment complex developed by Somium and Colinas will start before the summer, which is expected to be completed by 2020.

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