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  • A low and slow cooking technique may work here, I’d love to know how you like it if you test that out.
  • Season birds and vegetables with a little salt and pepper.
  • If you’re using a gas grill, turn half of the burners to high heat.
  • I noticed that those who loved this recipe, tended to have changed it as they cooked.

If you’re serving it with a small side dish such as sweet potato casserole, then it’s best to make one game hen per person. A Cornish game hen is a type of chicken breed and may be referred to as a broiler chicken. It’s smaller than a regular chicken and ideal for small family meals. We make two game hens to serve four people then use any leftovers for chicken salad. Pizza Party – Cooking Games Don’t want to roast a whole turkey for Thanksgiving?

Chicken Wings Sections*

The reality is far less interesting. They are little more than small chickens, and my apologies if that bursts any bird bubbles. Life can be complicated, cooking shouldn’t be! I believe that you can put a delicious meal on the table without stressing. It’s possible, and I’m here to help.

You definitely don’t want to skip the brining of the cornish game hen. Yes, of course, the only thing that will change is the amount of time that you need for them. To air fry a frozen cornish hen, air fry at 350 degrees F, flipped halfway for about 40 minutes. Although the serving size for each Cornish hen says it is for 2 , I always serve one Cornish hen per person.

Serving ideas

Truss the birds with string and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Allow 1-2 days for a refrigerator thaw, and about 6 hours for a cold water thaw. See our post How to Properly Thaw Your Turkey for detailed information on how to thaw poultry.

We shared one hen and have the other plus plenty of sides left for another meal. Thanks for the great recipe and tips. This is an easy cook, so you can do it even if you’re feeling a bit petulant. It presents well, tastes great, and will earn accolades from your diners. I make this for Tina frequently just so that I can hear her rave about it.