You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or software updates or day-one patches. R.C. Pro Am was one of those games that had the formula down, of which made the game fun, exciting and best of all re-playable. Starting off with the remote control trucks model, it was very simple for players to get used to the pace, before speeding up to the faster “racer” types. The gameplay was easy to learn, the driving was really fast , and nothing was ever too difficult to pick up, plus the rockets and bombs added a run-and-gun style of play long before the SNES introduced Mario Kart. That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of fun to be had in the Nintendo published version of Tetris for the NES. On the contrary, there’s plenty to enjoy here and it has the same addictive quality that all of the other versions employ.

The game’s Tap mode, for instance, takes cues from EA’s Tetris Blitz, a mobile game that shut down last year. Players tap one to select where the next piece will fall, rather than controlling it directly. Tetris Beat uses the same idea, but layers on its unique rhythm mechanics to keep players tapping on the beat. “Seriously, I want to eat, sleep and breath this game.”There are a number of additional modes added to the mix to keep things fresh. One sees players trying to eliminate ‘cursed’ blocks by completing the rows they’re found on, with more cursed blocks spawning after an allotted time. The new modes are fun and plentiful, and give a nes tetris on line variety of alternatives for when you want a change of pace.


A lot of characters in Super Smash Bros only have a couple of retro games at most to their names. Some of them are represented on the NES Classic, such as Kid Icarus and Ice Climber. A game known for being extremely difficult, Battletoads has gained a cult following since its release. Being released by Rare, a company now owned by Microsoft, Battletoads appearing on the NES Classic was always a long shot.

  • These modern versions of Tetris games prove that classic gaming is sometimes hard to beat.
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  • As his third game came to an unsuccessful end, Neubauer’s strained expression appeared to dissolve from frustration to the realization that his long reign as champion could be over.
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Guys were selling such games out of their garage and would mod the NES for you too. The Switch is the first time where major third parties are once again looking into Nintendo, likely due to the popularity of the console. I remember buying a copy at a store near me, soon after the game was no longer available anywhere. Fits right in with the book’s topic of arcade consoles coming to the home, and Tengen did exactly that for the NES. Besides, today we have Tetris games that far exceed the Tengen game. Of course, I’m talking about Tetris Axis, Tetris DS, Puyo Puyo Tetris, etc.

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And warring with Metal Gear maestro Hideo Kojima than making video games, it was shocking to see Super Bomberman R announced as a Nintendo Switch launch title. Thankfully, this newest entry in the beloved, bomb-tossing franchise keeps the series’ simple and addicting core gameplay intact, and adds tons of modes, collectible items, and characters to keep things fresh. Konami’s long-running gothic action series started here, pitting whip-wielding hero Simon Belmont against horror icons from Medusa to Frankenstein’s monster, plus a never-quite-dead Count Dracula. The original Castlevania made a name for itself during the first few years of NES titles, and while its side-view gameplay is now limited by sluggish controls and some dull level design, its spooky 8-bit atmosphere remains intact.

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Please don’t get the wrong idea and think I don’t enjoy the stylish graphics because nothing could be further from the truth. Admittedly, calling the delivery “breathtakingly gorgeous” is marketing hyperbole. But these striking visuals do impressively entice, dazzling with flamboyance and making this attractive game a fun one to watch.