To live in Calacatta is to reside in the shade in summer and the sun in winter. It is a house where inhabitants can enjoy being outside all year round, and can appreciate what’s beyond its walls.

It is elegance, sustainability, and nature brought together in a unique contemporary design; a true work of art.

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At the architecture studio created by Jesús Olivares and Miguel Ródenas in 2006, solutions are sought which are sustainable, efficient and exciting, developing clear and expressive architectural creations which will generate new atmospheres and everlasting memories for those who live in them. These projects are centred around people and their perceptions; people who are seeking formal independence linked to essentiality, rather than iconicity.



Unique selection

All the parameters and systems of bioclimatic design have been applied and all new sustainable technologies employed.


The villa features a spacious terrace where residents can enjoy fresh air and the incredible Mediterranean climate. It also includes an impressive fireplace within the covered area, from where they can watch stunning sunsets all year round without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

The three bedrooms are perfectly arranged within the property, and it features a large 148 m² basement with two parking spaces, a storage area, a utility room and enough space for other ideas.



Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is an exclusive residential complex with few properties, built around an award-winning 18-hole golf course. Las Colinas sits in a privileged enclave, a valley surrounded by hills with a nature reserve full of protected forests and land.

The privacy, exceptional climate, well-preserved natural environment and excellent road, rail and air connections this complex provides make it particularly attractive. Its homes, amenities, infrastructure, and the golf course itself blend perfectly with the surrounding countryside.



The villa blends seamlessly into its surroundings, honouring the principles established by the architecture found around the golf course. This includes the aesthetic of the façades, which boast the same uniform white finish as the other homes in the area.

Somium | Imagen exterior Calacatta



Calacatta has been audited by the external consultant Green Building Council España (GBCe) and was initially awarded a Green Seal with four leaves. This seal is used to distinguish sustainable buildings and also takes into account the social and economic aspects of their construction processes.

Construction waste management is monitored by external consultant CoCircular VALORIZA, which ensures that companies comply with their requirements both during construction and within the completed building.

Zero-kilometre and 100% natural materials have been used in the building process for this villa.

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Exclusivity, sustainability, and elegance come together in this contemporary yet timeless design. It is not just a place to live – it is a place to feel at home.





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