The concept was inspired by the artistic shape of a pebble rounded by the waves, reinterpreted into a contemporary refined design style.

Pebble breaks from tradition and surprises with its unexpected perspectives and unique experiences. This home is intimate yet versatile and full of personality.

A space where art and everyday life intertwine, creating an affective, familiar space.

Arquitecto de Pebble | Propiedad de Somium | Viviendas de Alto Standing


Pebble | Firma de la arquitecta

María Langarita

María holds a PhD in Architecture and lectures in Architectural Design at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM). In 2005, she and Víctor Navarro founded the Langarita Navarro architecture studio. Their work received a special mention during the Mies van der Rohe awards and the FAD Award and was featured in the 2G Langarita Navarro case study (ed. Gustavo Gili). It also forms part of the permanent collection at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.



Unique selection

Environmentally conscious design strategies have been used, and these come together with the most advanced sustainable technologies and high-range finishes to turn this villa into a delight for all the senses.


The ground floor unfurls a living room, kitchen and swimming pool within a living space between technical volumes with retractable joineries. Here, residents will feel that they’re living al fresco wherever they are: inside, outside or in the zones in between.

The retaining walls of the semi-subterranean floor minimize the structure’s weight. These meandering enclosures give residents the experience of living within a boulder while serving as an energy accumulator.



Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, a select residential complex with an award-winning 18-hole golf course, sits in a valley surrounded by undulating hills, forests, and a nature reserve. Its residents are guaranteed privacy, enjoy a privileged climate and have easy connections with the rest of the world thanks to its rail, road and air links. The architecture of its homes and infrastructure blends seamlessly into the surrounding countryside.


Villa pebble

The villa blends seamlessly into its surroundings, following the guidelines established by the architecture found around the golf course. This includes its beautiful façades, which boast the same uniform white finish as the other homes in the neighbourhood.

Somium | Pebble



Pebble has been audited by the external consultant Green Building Council España (GBCe) and was initially awarded a Green Seal with four leaves. This seal is used to distinguish sustainable buildings and also takes into account the social and economic aspects of their construction processes.

Construction waste management is monitored by external consultant CoCircular VALORIZA, which ensures that companies comply with their requirements both during construction and within the completed building.

Zero-kilometre and 100% natural materials have been used in the building process for this villa.

Sellos sostenibles | Somium



Distinction, environmental awareness and refinement come together to create a modern yet timeless aesthetic. Architecture providing comfort.





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