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Transforming construction
to create transformational constructions

At Somium, we have more than 40 years of experience in innovating and combining our construction experience with the latest sustainable practices. This covers everything from our choice of zero-kilometre natural and ecological chemical-free materials to our designs and manufacturing processes.

We are on a journey full of challenges, constant improvement, transformation, and adaptation to the times in which we live, so as to continue to provide cutting-edge living experiences.

That’s why we’ve created a concept that summarizes our work: WELL-LIVING.

Somium Luxury Properties | Well-Living
Somium Luxury Properties | Alicante

Tradition, modernity and innovation.
Present, past and future, together
under the same roof.

A focus on finding harmony between the environment and the quality of life of our residents, not only from an environmental perspective, but also taking into account social and economic aspects so as to benefit both the environment and the individuals.

Come with us and our fellow architecture studios and find out that the future is now.



Spaces designed especially to bring happiness by incorporating sustainable practices which respect the environment, reflecting our commitment to preserve its natural beauty and leave a positive legacy for future generations




These projects have been audited by the accredited external consultant Green Building Council España (GBCe) and was initially awarded a Green Seal with four leaves. This seal is only awarded to sustainable buildings and takes into account social and economic aspects of the construction process.

Construction waste management is monitored by external consultant CoCircular VALORIZA, which ensures that companies comply with their requirements both during construction and within the completed building.

Zero-kilometre and 100% natural materials have been used in the building process for this villa.

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